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Guy Pettengell


Guy Pettengell was born in in Hertfordshire, England in December 1965. One of his greatest influences during his formative years was his training in the Martial Arts. He began training when he was just 11, teaching from the age of 19 before obtaining his 5th Degree Black Belt in 1998 and still trains today. 


After leaving full time education he obtained a professional qualification in purchasing and supply management, going on to build a successful career in both the private and public sectors. But despite winning a number of high profile awards for his work in procurement, he grew increasingly aware of the one thing he wanted to do above all else – write.


Guy is happily married and lives with his wife, Helen, in Cambridgeshire where he spends as much of his free time as possible writing. Initially conceived as a screenplay, before being written as a novel, Dominant Species is his first published book.


Guy also loves spending time in America and you will see this influence throughout his books from the setting of Dominant Species in New York, to the hotter nights of Miami where Retribution is based. Retribution is the first in a new series of books starring Sam Vincent, a man with a dark and sinister past. Guy promises it will be a very different novel, but hopes you will enjoy reading it as much as he has enjoyed writing it.

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Why do I write?

I love writing and always have; although for many years I think I forgot that one simple truth. For me writing is magic... word alchemy if you will.


The ability to create is probably the driving force behind my love of writing - a chance to create and breathe life into characters who will tell their story, hopefully in a way that engages with the reader, all whilst creating a fictional environment in which the reader can become totally immersed.


My wife jokes (well I hope she’s joking) that it sounds like a need to control, but in reality sometimes I don't always feel 'in control' of my stories, or my characters for that matter, it’s as if they get a life and voice of their own and in that are able to make their own decisions and choices, taking the story in their own direction. Even when I know how it's supposed to end... I often look forward to finding out how we’ll get there!


I sincerely hope you do too, but above all, I hope you enjoy and gain some pleasure from the words I place on a page.

Guy Pettengell