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FREE Book!

Posted by Guy Pettengell on April 21, 2014 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (33)

Hi All, I'm pleased to let you know that from 20th April, Easter Sunday, to 24th April, my new book The Gift of the Dark is available to download free from Amazon. The Gift of the Dark is the first from the Return of the Dark series. So if you like Dark Fantasy, with interesting characters why not check it out?


The Gift of the Dark (The Sword of Altimar) Part 1


Chidar was known as the 'key-maker', with a natural understanding of the great flows of energy within the universe. Over the years he had earned a reputation that struck fear into the hearts of men, becoming one of Hyder's greatest sorcerers. But he kept his biggest discovery a closely guarded secret. For years, Chidar spent his days mapping the pathways between the different dimensions, and his nights looking for a way to travel between worlds.


Finally, he created a solution; the Dimension Key. A device that was part magic, part mechanics and one that would enable him to open the gateways and travel between the worlds. It was a discovery that he believed would make him immortal. That was until he made his biggest mistake and took an apprentice. His name was Xanon. It was a mistake that Chidar was soon to realise could cost not only his world, but all others, a terrible price.


Now 150 years after Xanon's death, the witch called Gudrun and her friends trail a fugitive they only know as 'the man in black' across the plain of Edd and into the twisted forest on the edge of Volares, a Kingdom synonymous with evil.


In a race against time they finally come face to face with their quarry in the Dark Fortress, the place where Xanon once ruled. It is here that they experience the terrible power that the man in black wields. It is a confrontation that they barely survive. But when the dust settles, they finally understand the man in black's true purpose and realise that they must stop him at any cost.


Also The Gift of the Dark (Part 2) will be available on a countdown offer also from the 20th April starting at $0.99:


The Gift of the Dark (The Sword of Altimar) Part 2


The Story continues


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Is writing a great book enough?

Posted by Guy Pettengell on January 31, 2014 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (4)


I've been thinking about this for some time. The short answer is simple... No, it's not.

But a more detailed answer is this: It's the only place to start and it's pretty much a necessity. Only pretty much you ask? Well yes, as sometimes a unique and cracking idea can be enough in itself. For example there are plenty of screenplays that have been re-written beyond belief by other screenwriters, because the idea was great, but the execution was massively flawed. Anyhow what is certain is that a great idea, well executed is a brilliant place to start (obvious I know).

But then you get into the more difficult area of promotion. At the end of the day if nobody knows it's there... nobody is going to buy it. So as a seasoned author (well my book has been on sale for two weeks now)

what have I learnt?

Three things spring to mind:

1) You definitely need to promote your work (been doing that and will continue)

2) With all the promotion - where does anyone find the time to actually write!

3) People have been great, from my friends, family, acquaintances to complete strangers who I've 'met' via various writing forums and who shared their advice and experienced because of their shared interest in books; it's made me realise that there are some truly great people out there - so a sincere thanks.

So how do you become successful - well that's the content of another blog for another day me thinks.

Do it now!

Posted by Guy Pettengell on January 21, 2014 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (3)

I've always liked writing, started when I was a kid, then I forgot. I know that sounds weird, but I sort of lost my way; spent time building a career, working hard. Suddenly I realise that the years have flown by... then I remember what I wanted to do, I mean really wanted to do. But even then I procrastinated! Take my first book, Dominant Species, I first got the idea for this story probably 10 years ago... and you know what? It's a good idea too! So I wrote it as a screenplay, (it would make a great film) then, finally (on the recommendation of my wife and kids) as a book. I won't tell you how long it took or, how long it's been waiting to be published... but I realised something today - it doesn't matter. I've done it now and it's available to buy.

It's a New Year and although I don't do New Year resolutions, one thing’s for sure, my next book 'Retribution' will be ready this summer. So if I have any advice, it's this: if there's something you want to do... and I mean really want to do - well to just do it! And do it now. Tomorrow can take a long time coming.

My best regards