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Guy Pettengell


Dominant Species

The year is 2033 and following a nuclear holocaust New York City is wrapped in the constant darkness of a nuclear winter. But it is a darkness that has unleashed an even greater horror, as rising from the ashes a new hierarchy has formed; a hierarchy of vampires. Now a battle for freedom rages between Vampire and Man. But there are internal battles that threaten both sides as well. As the vampires struggle against their very nature to create a stable society in which they can rule, the few human survivors living outside the ‘sanctuary’ fight not only for their lives but more importantly for their freedom.

Dominant Species (the rise of the vampires) tells the story of Jake Bradshaw who has to overcome his own relentless feelings of guilt following the death of his parents; a consequence of his escaping from the sanctuary as a child. It is a guilt that has driven a wedge between him and his younger brother, Max. Now Jake must overcome this rift in order to unite and lead the resistance against Karick, the vampire overlord.

However Karick is facing his own demons as he desperately fights his own battle in the politically charged vampire world. For him things are changing as well as he confronts the growing dissatisfaction from his own kind. It is a dissatisfaction that threatens to undo all that he has worked tirelessly to achieve. Now he must face his worst critics and prove beyond any doubt that he believes in the true way of the vampire, and to do that he must destroy all and any resistance, regardless of the consequences.


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Dominant species, rise of the vampires