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Guy Pettengell



The Gift of the Dark - Currently available:


The Gift of the Dark (The Sword of Altimar)


Chidar was known as the ‘key-maker’, with a natural understanding of the great flows of energy within the universe. Over the years he had earned a reputation that struck fear into the hearts of men, becoming one of Hyder’s greatest sorcerers. But he kept his biggest discovery a closely guarded secret. For years, Chidar spent his days mapping the pathways between the different dimensions, and his nights looking for a way to travel between worlds. Finally, he created a solution; the Dimension Key. A devise that was part magic, part mechanics and one that would enable him to open the gateways and travel between the worlds. It was a discovery that he believed would make him immortal. That was until he made his biggest mistake and took an apprentice. His name was Xanon. It was a mistake that Chidar was soon to realise could cost not only his world, but all others, a terrible price.


Now 150 years after Xanon’s death, the witch called Gudrun and her friends trail a fugitive they only know as ‘the man in black’ across the plain of Edd and into the twisted forest on the edge of Volares, a Kingdom synonymous with evil.


In a race against time they finally come face to face with their quarry in the Dark Fortress, the place where Xanon once ruled. It is here that they experience the terrible power that the man in black wields. It is a confrontation that they barely survive. But when the dust settles, they finally understand the man in black’s true purpose and realise that they must stop him at any cost.


Having escaped from the witch called Gudrun and her friends, the man in black uses Chidar’s magic to open a pathway to another world, fleeing Hyder for a present day New York City. Here, as the night of the Ghost festival approaches and that which divides the worlds grows thin, they must try and stop this terrible sorcerer before he can succeed in his plans to acquire the fabled sword of Altimar, taking the dimension key for his own and opening a long destroyed gateway in order to fulfil his destiny; to bring back the Dark. With the balance of the universe in tatters, only Gudrun and the others have any chance to stop him.